Video Poker Online Casinos

Before the blast of the online video poker casino game, little was thought about it. Indeed, despite the fact that it made its introduction during the ’70s, it was not by and large acknowledged by the betting community. Video poker was regularly confused with slots, and all things considered. It’s easy to play, has no dealer, no players and is represented by an irregular number generator.

The biggest component video poker requires that slots don’t is skill. At the point when you play video poker casino games online, you should settle on speedy decisions that could represent the moment of truth the bank. In our assessment, the best site for video poker is Spin Palace, yet most of the top casinos do have something like a couple of options for this game. In the event that you’ve never played this game, and are searching for an approach to use your intellectual competence without sitting on the virtual green felt, stay tuned because we will show you:

  • Step by step instructions to play video poker at Canadian casinos online
  • An ideal playing strategy to help you win real money
  • The best sites to participate on the fun and gather a bonus

How to Play Video Poker Online Casinos

Canada’s online casino sites are loaded with various video poker variations. Each has their own gimmicks, twists or special incentives. In any case, they all have the same fundamental rules and principals. In the event that you understand the basic of poker, the video version will come pretty easy to you. What you need to realize first thing is that there is a pecking order of hands and a draw. From that point, you can feel free to leave all that you think about poker behind. Nothing else exists. No raise, no call and no feigning.

As soon as you settle on a web video poker room, you will choose the amount you need to bet. One coin will be a minimum with a limit of five coins. Coin values will change from one game to another. Start with a low bet until you are sure you can crush the house at video poker sites!

Since you’ve put down your bet, click “Arrangement”. You will be managed 5 cards aimlessly. Select “Hold” on the cards you need to keep and snap “Arrangement” to be re-managed cards on top of the ones you didn’t hold. What you are attempting to do is make the best possible hand. These hands and their rankings are the same as those in poker. You will be paid by the strength of your hand, the measure of your bet and the payout level of the game at the casino online. Video poker is one of the lone games permitting you to track down the specific measure of the payout proportion. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how much real cash you’ve won, check the payable.

One thing we’d prefer to specify is that you try to hold the cards you really need. All around very regularly, in excitement or the rush of adrenaline, Canucks will forget to hold a vital card. When you click on re-bargain, you’ve lost your shot at winning the hand you were going for.

Your Step by Step Guide to Video Poker

Video poker is exceptionally easy to play. It has no dealer or players and is structured by an arbitrary number generator. Notwithstanding, one needs skill to play this game. This means that breaking down how the game works before endeavoring to play is significant. Here is the thing that you need to think about the round of video poker.

  1. Settle on a web video poker room.
  2. Choose the amount you will bet and snap ‘Arrangement’.
  3. You will be managed five cards aimlessly.
  4. Select ‘Hang’ on the cards that you need to keep and ‘Arrangement’ to be re-managed cards on the ones you didn’t hold.
  5. The point of the game is to make the best possible hand.
  6. Make a point to hold the cards that you really need to hold.

Video Poker Glossary

Normal Payback – This is also known as Expected Value. It consists of the normal pay back of any play

Bet Max – The greatest bet that gives five coins for each hand on most games

Cash Out – The demonstration of taking your money

Discard Cards – The cards that a player decides to discard after the initial arrangement

Flush – A five card hand that consists of cards all from the same suit

Full House – A hand consisting of three of a sort and a pair

Container – Holds coins and releases them when players hit the cash out button

Kicker – A card that increases the success when added to another hand

Most extreme Coins – The greatest measure of coins that players can play per hand. This ordinarily amounts to five coins

Winning Hand – A hand that pays a triumphant mix

Three Reasons to Make Bet at a CA Video Poker Casino

  • The odds of winning real money are in your favor
  • Even with a bit of skill, video poker is easy to learn
  • You can play video poker rooms online with a PC, Mac or smartphone device

See our reviews of the leading video poker operators here.

Best Video Poker Bets and Odd

One reasons Canada’s online casino goers choose video poker is because the house edge can be resolved by means of the payable. Overall, this is between 2 and 3 percent. It’s understandable to plan for an impressive future and win greater. All CA gamblers have done that at some point. In case you’re thinking about what the odds of winning enormous with a Straight or Royal Flush really are, consider the accompanying averages based upon first card dealings. *Odds taken from Wizard of Odds.

  • A Pair – 1 in 2.4
  • Pair of Face Cards or Aces – 1 – 7.7
  • Three of a Kind – 1 in 47
  • Straight – 1 in 255
  • Flush – 1 in 509
  • Full House – 1 in 694
  • Four of a Kind – 1 in 4165
  • Straight Flush – 1 in 72195
  • Royal Flush – 1 in 649740

Recall that as you discard and redraw, the odds of winning any hand rise. Try not to let that huge number behind the illustrious flush discourage you. Sure, you could make easy money in the event that you arrived on that, yet it is uncommon. All things considered, there are a lot of Canucks who leave with a ton of money from the smaller, more normal hands.

Decide on your Favorite Games

Video poker is mainstream among Canadian residents. It’s easy to play and is produced by irregular numbers which means that your shot at winning is solely through karma! Nonetheless, there is also a specific measure of skill associated with this game. Try to find out about video poker before playing the game at your favorite online casino. Beneath, we have compared two of our favorite video poker variations.

Top Jacks or Better Double Bonus
About the Game A high video poker game A 52-card game and a variant of Jacks or Better
Rules The lowest hand is one that contains a pair of jacks or better (J,Q,K or A) This game features two bonus pays which are four of a kind
Payout Percentage The payout percentage is 9/6 OR 99.54% The payout percentage is 100.17%
Additional Information I has a low variance which makes it perfect A big pay – off for four aces.

An Easy Video Poker Strategy to Follow

If you want to play Texas Hold’em video poker, Caribbean Stud or any other variation, you need a basic strategy.

  • Always hold a regal flush, straight flush, four of a sort, full house, three of a sort, or two pair on your first hand.
  • Break a flush or straight just when you have four cards to an illustrious flush close by. For instance, in the event that you have a 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 of hearts. Discard the 7 in hopes of a 6. You’ll open the doors for a flush, straight or pair.
  • Break of a pair of jacks or better in the event that you have four cards to an illustrious flush.
  • Keep a low pair over a single high card.
  • Play greatest coins. On the off chance that you can’t afford that, drop to a lower bet machine and play max.
  • Do your research on CA video slots with high payouts
  • Set a spending plan and stick to it
  • Gain from your mistakes
  • Join the devotion or VIP club to collect you special privileges
  • Play demo games to ensure you like the video slot variations
  • Always check the payable and rules

Make the Most of Online Gameplay

Players are confronted with three options while participating in betting; land based casinos, online casinos, and live dealer casinos. Several players will in general incline toward playing at land based casinos. Others favor online betting since this allows them the facility of playing in a hurry while benefiting from several bonuses and offers. Live dealer casinos are also well known for those players who need to play at home yet in addition feel like they are in a traditional casino.

Topic Land based Casino Online Casino Live Dealer Casinos




Ease of play




High Limits
Low Limits









Payment Options


We Found the Canada’s Top Video Slots Online Casinos

In case you’re after simply the best casinos, with the best deposit methods and best video slots software, you’re in the correct spot. We worked hours on finish to discover the casinos which are better than expected for Canadian gamblers’ elevated standards. You’ll discover an assortment of video slots including Texas Hold’em, Jacks or Better, Aces and Eights, Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild and progressive jackpots to keep you as eager and anxious as can be. Sign up for a free casino record and gather a special C$ invite bonus.


What is video poker?

Based on five card draw poker, and played at an online casino, video poker is played on PC created software. Represented by a RNG (Random Number Generator), there could be no various players. It is possible you’ll play against the house trying to make the best possible online poker hand.

How does the video version work?

Assuming you’ve tracked down a Canadian video poker casino, you should choose a game. There are a ton of exciting variations and wagers from $1 to $5 or more. When you’re prepared, choose the measure of real money you need to bet and arrangement the virtual cards. All through the round, the objective will be to make the highest positioning hand possible. These hands are the same as those in a traditional 5 card poker game. It’s exceptionally easy once you get its hang.

Which Canadian casinos offer the games?

We’ve played video poker rooms on the entirety of our suggested sites, yet the ones which really stood out to us were The Gaming Club, Roxy Palace and 32Red Casino. The software, visuals and sounds took everything to another degree of ‘awesomeness’.

Is video poker mainstream with Canadian gamers?

Canucks love a broad range of wagers. Needless to say casino video poker is up there with regards to the most well known games. Be that as it may, slots and blackjack hold the first two spots – hands down!

Would I be capable to win a ton of money?

Would you be genuinely surprised in the event that we said ‘yes’, you can win a ton? It’s actual, and one key reason it can be found at practically every online casino. Video poker requires next to no skill, has high payout percentages, a low house edge and numerous betting options. Plus, there are progressive jackpots joined to specific games. Be sure you know the triumphant hands and betting options before you play.

How fair are the gamers?

We cannot speak for the thousands of casinos on the web. We can inform you that there are some dodgy sites and questionable practices being implemented on some of them. That said the Canada friendly casinos we recommend here have a big reputation to live up to. They are regulated, licensed, trusted and fair.